Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention

Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention

The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka has taken the initiative to bring about a “Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention Programme” (SHAP) to safeguard our athletes without gender discrimination. The policy will develop a culture of dignity and safety to sport and promote a safe environment, a culture of respect and an athletic community that does not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct of any sort.

“Prevention rather than Punishment”

We at The NOC of Sri Lanka  have for the first time in this country taken  the initiative to bring about a “Sexual Harassment and Abuse Policy”  to safeguard  equally our athletes of  both male and female genders. The policy has been established to develop a culture of dignity and safety in sports and to promote a safe environment, a culture of respect and an athletic community that does not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct of any sort.

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct can have short-, medium- and long-term consequences on the health, social relations, and the careers of those affected by it. We have therefore developed a series of measures to raise awareness of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, provide training, and support any member of the sports community who has experienced these situations.

A sexual harassment monitoring committee is now available to listen to your complaints, offer support and refer you to specialist help as appropriate. Its mission is to:

  • Receive and listenconfidentially to people who have been, or are supporting someone who has been, affected by sexual harassment or sexual misconduct
  • offer protection and put in place a support mechanism appropriate to the situation 
  • where necessary, and with the explicit consent of the person affected, report the misconduct or harassament to the dicipilanry authorities.
  • The link given below is a simple way forward to raise a complaint. 

We at NOC Sri Lanka are grateful to the distinguished panel of personalities who have volunteered to serve on the complaints committee, forming an independent team of experts well versed in the subject matter.  

Let us be the first to make a difference in fighting this silent scourge and give our athletes a better tomorrow.

Niloo Jayatilake

Chairperson / Women’s Committee of NOC Sri Lanka 


Any person can request to stay anonymous and such request will be respected by the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka in utmost secrecy and will not be public information.


Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala is a women's rights activist with 15 years of experience in the field of women's rights and gender equality. She holds a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies from the University of Sussex. In May 2016, she became the first Sri Lankan person to summit Mount Everest. In recognition of this achievement, in August 2016, she was appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for Women's Rights by the Ministry of Women's Affairs. As an independent consultant, she is currently co-leading a local initiative aimed at addressing technology related violence against women and girls in Sri Lanka. She is also co-leading a global outcome on the prevention of gender-based violence for CARE International. Uttampala heads the ‘Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention’ Complaints Committee.


Dillai is an artist cum entrepreneur who likes to speak to the public through her paintings. Her painting titled “Give the reef another chance” – also the theme for National Olympic Committee’s environmental preservation programme where she a prominent member was presented to the IOC president. She is also very active on the subject of Sexual Harassment and Abuse and tries to bring about her message through the canvess.


Sharanya identifies herself as a writer, researcher and activist. She holds an LLB (Hons) and Masters in Conflict and Peace Studies. Currently she works with the Grassrooted Trustas their programme manager, Grasrooted is also a part of the partnership that runs of which Saranya is the English editor online portal in Sinhala, Tamil and English on Sexual and reproductive health and rights ensuring that people can access information in a language they understand.


Dioardre is a qualified trainer on occupational ‘stress management’ and ‘critical incident stress management’. Professional training on mentoring and as the skills to be a mentor. She has worked with World Vision Lanka in their spiritual walk and initiating concepts such as ‘family first’ and ‘occupational stress management’.


In cricketing terms, Caryll Tozer could be termed as a true all-rounder. As a young woman, it was athletics, but netball is her forte. Yet, once she saddled up her future, she diverted her action to people based activity and “Gender rights, sexual abuse” are two subjects that she carefully follows and have spoken on many forums. Now as a sportswoman of the past, Caryll is trying to get the right message to the athletes of the country about their rights.


An attorney-at-law with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and diploma in child psychology, Preethi is a professional. Besides her work experience, she also has worked at women- in-need, organized workshops around the country for police officers prison officials and judges on gender equality and domestic violence. Legal counseling, organizing vocational training programs in order to empower women prisons inmates in Welikada, Anuradhapura, Jaffna and Polonnaruwa prisons. In the field of sports and other activity, she has been the athletics captain and house captain of Ladies’ College. Represented school in athletics, swimming, netball.


Importantly she has an in-depth knowledge of Journalism and was a columnist with the Sunday Times and Hi Magazine. Worked as media consultant to ICES and help organize international peace building and constitution making international conference. She is also a certified Hospitality Educator, Graduate of Lucy Clayton, U.K., & Stamford College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At present she is the Executive Director of Arden Institute (Pvt) Ltd, and founder of Nedisa Corporate Social Interaction. A senior Training & Counselling Consultant, and has more than 25 years’ experience working with individuals and groups from variety of backgrounds. Her clientele includes blue-chip companies, professional associations, sports bodies, hotels and tourism facilities, hospitals, airline staff, cabin-crew, military and service personnel, and leading schools.


Graduated at Harvard Law School in 2013 and had Sri Lankan Graduation also in 2013. She also is involved with International Human Rights, International Criminal Law and is a keen student of the subject of Sexual Harassment and prevention. She also has conducted a socio-legal study of domestic work in Sri Lanka. The study identified strategic, legal and policy interventions targeted at reversing discriminatory practices against the domestic work sector in Sri Lanka.


Shyamala Gomez is a Human Rights Lawyer and Women’s Rights Activist. She is the Executive Director of the Centre for Equality and Justice (CEJ), a women’s organization based in Colombo working on issues of post war and women. CEJ’s work focuses on reconciliation, transitional justice and taking women into account in these processes. She was Country Director at FOKUS WOMEN, the Country Office for FOKUS, a women’s organization based in Oslo for five years. Ms. Gomez taught law at University of Colombo for eight years and was also the Gender Advisor to the UN Office of the Resident Coordinator in Colombo from 2006 to 2011. She has published in the areas of violence against women, masculinities, migrant workers’ rights, women’s land rights, reproductive rights and more recently on women, peace and security. She has been a trainer on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace to several private sector companies. She is a Board member of Transparency International Sri Lanka since 2014. A Fulbright Scholar, she has an LLB from the University of Colombo and a Masters in Law from Georgetown University, Washington DC. She was also a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Boston, USA in 2001-2002.


Prior to taking the Hippocratic Oath he excelled in athletics and is Ceylon Public School’s record holder – One mile in1962. He was the 1500metres Ceylon National Champions of 1962 and represented the country. With this backing he also received Observer Status at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Besides that, he has represented cricket in Honolulu, a certified Scuba Diver in the USA, Coach and Referee in Soccer in the USA. As a medical doctor he is a Doctor of Medicine – National University of Osaka, Japan – 1971. MPH (Master in Public health) – University of Hawaii – 1979, Fellowship – Stanford University Medical School, California – 1985.