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Golden Girl Hasini following fathers footsteps

HasiniNusaka of VisakhaVidyalaya claimed a gold medal in the Mixed International Badminton Team event of the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Argentina, a sport which she says she fell in love with because of her father.

“I started badminton in when I was in Grade 2. My father had actually played badminton at university. So, I saw him playing the game and that made me want to play too,” Hasini said revealinghow she discovered and connected with the sport.

She made Sri Lanka proud when she teamed up with seven other shuttlers from India, USA, Bulgaria, Sweden, Canada, Italy, and Cambodia on her way to secure the gold.

“It’s always very pleasing to be able to win a medal and being able to do that at an event like Youth Olympics is something I am very proud of. I was playing with other players in my group. My team had four boys and four girls and we had to play ten matches. The team which obtained 110 points won this game,” young Nusaka said.

The 18-year-old also claimed that the experience gained in such a high profile event could be very useful. “This is one of the biggest tournaments that we could possibly take partin and you get to play against and alongside some top players which mean you can get a lot of experience out of an event like this,” added the young shuttler.