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TAFISA World Walking Day in Colombo a huge success

Colombo, 05 October 2022 – Enthusiastic people around the world who seek for the betterment of its environment passed the baton across all time zones from east to west to celebrate the power of sport and physical activity in unifying the world. The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka was proud to keep abreast and represent commemorate this global event on Tuesday.

Over the past three decades, millions of participants have taken part in 160 countries. In 2020, the event became TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 hours around the globe and turned the traditional walking event into a global relay encouraging active movement. Dozens of thousands hailing from 65 countries on all continents took part and shared powerful messages of peace, access to sport and education for all, gender equality, health, and solidarity against COVID-19 among many other causes, working together to create the most inclusive and accessible 24-hour relay.

This year, the TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 hours across the globe, invites global citizens to once again stand together and stay connected as a united front. The event took place on Sunday 2 October 2022 from 10am local time, connecting people by creating a wave across the world from East to West; covering all 24 time zones.

To commemorate the World Walking Day, the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka organised a walk from Modara Ananda Central College, Colombo 15 to Crow Island Beach. Over one hundred students from the College took part in the walk together with the organisers for two kilometers. 

The proceedings got underway by the customary opening remarks by Treasurer NOC SL Gamini Jayasinghe followed by speeches by Ms Hansika Wijayagunasekera and Gobinath Sivarajah.

As a gesture of goodwill and sports promotion NOC SL handed over a consignment sports equipment to the students of Modara Ananda College under the ‘Games changes Fund’ by the Commonwealth Games Federation. Some value-based education programmes were also conducted on the Crow Island beach area to inculcate value in their day-to-day life. Finally, the closing remarks were made by the Principal of the School U.P.D. Dissanayake.

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TAFISA World Walking Day in Colombo a huge success