Peiris the Lankan hope in swimming

NOC SL President’s venture to the sports in the wilderness

It was a place far into the wilderness in the Eastern part of the country – 315kms away from the hustle and bustle Colombo, the real location is indeed being another 20kms from the Batticaloa Town.  

Nonetheless when the President of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka Suresh Subramaniam heard about the grit, determination and talent of Vaharai Kattumurivu Mixed School to meet the Under 17 girls football team who won the provincial meet and then qualified to take part at the national meet in November, he honestly wanted to savour experience of seeing the little lasses in person to see how he could be of help. 

Which followed was a chronology of events.  In spite of the harsh unforgiving environ Subramaniam discovered the whole area is sports oriented and he made up his mind to make a difference. 

Firstly, President spoke to the players and motivated them for the upcoming event and promised to give them a real opportunity of practicing in a well-equipped location in Colombo prior they take on their opponents in the National tournament. 

Thereafter the president saw the school students who were talented while swimming in the lagoon. The lads got to Visit to Batticaloa Weber ground to observe the swimming practice.  President had a discussion with the coach and also, he gifted a timer watch to the coach. Besides he also watched them practicing Karate at the Batticaloa Karate Academy and also made a note to help them with their athletics too.  

Among the other matters he attended were -- opening of the new tennis court and basketball court in Kokkaticholai which was funded by UNICEF and managed by CERI organization. 

Visited to Ambalandurai Kalimahal Vidyalayam to meet the girls under 20 football team who won the provincial meet and going to the national meet in November. There players requested president to support them with the opportunity to obtain football jerseys and football boots. 

His visit to Kirankulam Vikneshwara Vidyalayam to see the Pole vault athletes, there were 11 years to 16 years’ age of players who were very talented and he made a mental note to seek help. This was followed by inauguration of beach tennis which was organized by the Lake view tennis club, there were about 500 spectators.