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National Course Directors Training Programme

The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOC Sri Lanka) and Olympic Solidarity have come together to offer an exciting opportunity to enhance as a Course Facilitator   to join the National Course Directors (NCDs) team to serve for NOC Sri Lanka.  As an international opportunity, the training is open to regional NOCs in Asia, also the course is open to probationary NCDs to earned fully fledge NCD qualification.  

The programme is scheduled to be conducted from 04th to 08th July 2022 at the Conference Hall of NOC Sri Lanka and applications are expected from individuals who possess the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Active involvement in administration tasks in the respective sport organization or affiliated body,
  2. Good educational background at least up to GCE Advanced Level,
  3. Experience in teaching/lecturing/public speaking skills,
  4. Completion of Sport Administrator Course conducted by NOC Sri Lanka is mandatory, 
  5. Good command in English,
  6. Have the ability to handle modern teaching aids and other IT Literacy,
  7. Diploma Holder of Advanced Sport Management Course conducted by NOC Sri Lanka is an opportunity,
  8. Experience in working with NOC related activities

Sport Administrators from National Sports Associations/Federations, Lecturers in Sports Sciences/Management and Physical Education, Teachers in Physical Education and Sports Sciences/Management, Sports Administrators attached to three Armed Forces and Police, Sport Administrators from Provincial Councils and other government organizations and all other individuals who involved in sports etc. are eligible for applying for this programme.

Applications will be valid only if they are followed by a detailed CV of the applicant and a recommendation letter signed by the Head of applicant’s organisation. The suitable participants for the training programme will be selected after an interview process.

8 local applicants will be shortlisted and will be trained at the proposed training programme for 05 days on the supervision of a Programme Director recommended by Olympic Solidarity.

Applications should reach Secretary General, “Olympic House Sri Lanka”, 100/9F Independence Avenue, Colombo 7 or email to on or before 06th of June, 2022. Applications received after the given deadline will not be entertained and the gender balance of applications will be highly concerned when selecting the applicants.

National Course Directors Training Programme