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QBR2022 Day - III at KIRKOSWALD Tea Estate

The first programme of the Day - III of the Queen's Baton Relay | Birmingham 2022 will be held at Kirkoswald, Hatton tomorrow at 7.30 a.m.

History of Kirkoswald

Originally initiated with 165 acres of Coffee plantation and with the devastation of Coffee plantations in Ceylon from 1869 to 1900 due to a fungal disease of “ Hemileia Vastatrix” known as Coffee leaf fungus Kirkoswald also would have been converted in to a Tea Plantation and was owned by  Bogawantala District Tea Company Limited, a Company which was founded in 1897 and were managing 2558 acres in Ceylon with planted Acres of 2327, under the Stewardship of its Chairman Mr. A C Matthew and under the Directorate of Captain C.F.C. Fetherstonhaugh and W.H. Miles, under the managing agents of J M Roberts and Company Limited.

According to some records 1872 to 1875 Mr D Stewart was the manager of this property and thereafter till 1892 it was under the management of A Fertherstonhaugh. And there after no records till 1925 and from 1925 to 1948 property has been managed by G H Sparkes under the management of  George Steuart and company and thereafter till 1965 C L N Anley. 1965 to 1972 the property has been taken over by COL. Derick Nugawela, the first Ceylonese plantation Manager in Bogawaltalawa valley under the management of George Steuart and company.

Situated 167 Kms away from Colombo in the central province of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon) it was a small estate under property ownership and was sold to Bogawantalawa District Tea Company along with Elbedde Estate its immediate neighbour. Both properties were ideally situated for cultivation of Tea and with the amalgamation of Elbedde the extended under tea increase. It had a very difficult labour force and labour troubles continues even up to today

Kirkoswald is among a cluster of world famous tea plantations all situated well around the upper limited of high grown elevation. The enchantment of the view is in the setting of the waterfalls with rugged back ground of rock with tea gardens at various elevations towering above them.

Kirkoswald is well sheltered from the harsh treatment of the monsoon winds to the south is the peak wilderness sanctuary one of the perennial forests of the country that can boast of having taken care of a wide variety of fauna and flora. More to the east is Horton plains where some of the most renowned attractions such as bakers waterfall and world’s end are located, to the north west the famous Adam’s peak referred to by the locals as “SriPada” ( sacred footprint of lord Buddha”)


With the privatization of Plantations in 1992 Kirkoswald came under Madulsima Plantations PLC which is now a member of Stassen group of company. With the new management Kirkoswald has been completely transformed in to a modern showpiece of an estate and Factory that is very much in to state of the art technology and management system. Kirkoswald is classified as a western high grown and its extensive spread of tea Fields. Some of the top divisions reach up to 1300 Mtrs and the lower section descend to about 1189 mtrs, the Factory is located Midway. It is situated in one of most picturesque locations in the hill country that enjoy the benefit of the both the North and the south east monsoon rains. Presently Kirkoswald is consist 1653 acres with 1187 acres under tea.

The name of has originated from a combination of two pioneers planters names “ Kirk and Oswald” who planted the estate initially.

The following is the list of Managers and the managing companies of Kirkoswald Estate Since 1925.







Mr G H Sparks


George steuart Co. Ltd


Mr C L N Anley


George steuart Co. Ltd


Mr Col.Derrick Nugawela


George steuart Co. Ltd


Mr. M H K Jagathsena


George steuart Co. Ltd/JEDB


Mr Upali Jayasekara


Janatha Estate Developments Board


Mr J C Ramanathan


Janatha Estate Developments Board


Mr G V Tissera


Janatha Estate Developments Board


Mr A N Wickramasinghe

1990 - Six Months

Janatha Estate Developments Board


Mr G K Senaviratne

1990 - Six Months

Janatha Estate Developments Board


Mr K D S Perera


JEDB/Madulsima Plantations PLC


Mr T K Howie


Madulsima Plantations PLC


Mr. D Venmathirajah


Madulsima Plantations PLC


Mr Ravi Kothalawela


Madulsima Plantations PLC


Mr. Athula Wijewardhana


Madulsima Plantations PLC


Mr N P Liyanage

From 2020

Madulsima Plantations PLC