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Senura wins third place at Oman Junior World International Championship

Deepika Rodrigo and her husband Indika Silva – both national Table Tennis players immersed their sibling Senura at the deep-end of the sport that they have mastered at the age of just four. From that point, they nurtured and molded the young hopeful while teaching him the finer points of the game constantly. Senura is a keen student and a fast learner.  

Now at the age of sixteen, the Crysbro-NOC SL scholarship holder Senura Silva bagged third place which is a rare achievement in the Table Tennis arena while taking part in the Oman Junior World International Championship which was held in Oman from October 10 to 16.

In the first round games, Senura beat a player from Bangladesh at 3-0 and then went on to beat a player from India at 3-2 to finish at Group number 1. Then in the main draw, Senura beat players representing Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran before losing to a player from India in the semi-final to claim third place.

A student at Ananda College Colombo, Senura is the current number one seed in the under 17, 19, and Open Table Tennis categories locally.

As an impetus for his achievements and being a Crysbro-NOC SL scholarship holder the organisers are in the process of granting Rs.125,000/- to Senura Silva to lighten his burden of financial problems that he occurred during his Oman tour. This is besides the monthly grant of Rs. 47,000/- that he receives as his scholarship impetus.

Meanwhile, Senura commenting on his achievement said “I first took part in an international event at the age of 12 while taking part in the Indian Hopes Junior Under 12 International Tournament where I ended within the first eight. However a while later while taking Part in the Hopes World Under 12 International tournament I won the Bronze medal.

“I have so far made eleven overseas tours in different age categories and I confidently could say that the current achievement is my most impressive. Prior to the Oman tournament, I was ranked 136th in the Under 17 age group category but, with this, I heard my ranking has come within the first 100.”

Senura lamented that in Sri Lanka we face only around 3 international tournaments whereas the Indians take part in 8-10 tournaments. He then added in spite of that he managed to put up a brave show against heavy odds.

Commenting on the Crysbro-NOC SL scholarship Senura said that it was a huge help. He said that with that grant he manages all his nutritional requirements and medical expenses and feels that it also takes a load off his parents’ burden where he day-to-day expenses where his development of the sport is concerned.