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TTASL to Commence Provincial Training Pool

The Table Tennis association of Sri Lanka will commence training for junior (under 19 and Under 15) and Senior ranked players in the provinces of Ambalangoda, Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna from the 24th of July onwards. The training is funded by the Asian Table Tennis Union under the program “AIM FOR THE STARS”. The TTASL hopes to continue these sessions for a period of 5 months from the grant allotted by the ATTU.

Training was to commence in April 2021, a week after the Sinhala and Tamil New year but was kept on hold since of increased COVID cases reported in the country. Due to the lockdown in May, the program was postponed indefinitely to commence once it would be safe to conduct sports activities again, as per the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

A total of 70 players will benefit from these 4 training camps. 16 players (9 Girls, 7 Boys) will train in Colombo, 14 players (5 Girls, 9 Boys) in Kandy and 20 players (11 Girls, 9 Boys) in Ambalangoda. These players are selected from the latest ranking list of 2021. Details of 20 players (10 Girls, 10 boys) from Jaffna are to be provided by the Provincial Association.

The unfortunate delays were unavoidable and only glad that the program can commence in the selected venues within the 4 provinces mentioned. The program has received its blessings from the TTASL Executive Committee headed by Hon. Kanaka Herath, the president of the TTASL. The training will be handled by ITTF qualified coaches of Level 3 and above. This is an initiative of the Coaching and Development Committee of the TTASL headed by Ms. Namal Gunasekera.

Names of the players are as follows;
Girls: Jithara Warnakulasuriya (Ladies College), Ayala Chitty (Ladies College), Chamathsara Fernando (Uni/Moratuwa),

Oneli Lehansa (Musaeus College), Tharindi Perera (V Devi/Kiri’goda), Minna Hasim (Ladies College), Shenali Mendis

(Musaeus College), Sandinthi Jayasinghe (Musaeus College), Shamalsha Dewmi (Holly Cross/G).
Boys: Nimesh Ranchagoda (Royal College), Thisas Ranchagoda (Royal College), Vinuka Gunawardena (Royal College), Janith Batugedara (Royal College), Dewmeth Weerasena (Lyceum International), Kakeru Hennayaka (Ananda

College), Thisum Gamage (Ananda College)

Girls: Thanushi Rodrigo (Mahamaya BV), Kavindi Sahabandu (Fontera Brands), Chameesha Thushadi (Kegalu B), Navindi

Senevirathna (Kegalu B), Sadunya Eshmini (Kegalu B)
Boys: B N B Jayasinghe (MAS), Prasad De Silva (RDA), Chandupa Alahakoon (Kingswood College), Dhanushka Wijesinghe

(Kingswood College), Yasiru Meleesha (Vidyartha College), Hasitha Udara (Kingswood College), Matheesha Wickramanayaka (Dharmaraja College), Akeshe Dimantha (Vidyartha College), Saifulla Akram (Hill Country In)

Girls: Erandhi Warusavithana (Raigam PL), Kavishka Kavindi (Dharmasoka College), Sanduni Prabuddhika (Dharmasoka

College), Maneesha Shalindi (Dharmasoka College), Nadithi Rehansa (Prajapathi BMV), Heshi Nirmi (Prajapathi BMV), D H Kolambage (Dharmasoka College), Minduli Dihansa (Dharmasoka College), Lesanya Sethumdee (Dharmasoka College), Divya Darani (Dharmasoka College), Tamadhi Kavindya (Devananda College)

Boys: Supuna Warusavithana (Uni Moratuwa), Imantha Udanjaya (Army), Chanul Dulsen (Dharmasoka College), Hiruna Warusawithana (Ananda College), Vihandu Randina (Dharmasoka College), Gesandu Peiris (Dharmasoka College), Hasira Dinusara (Dharmasoka College), Senash Parinda (Dharmasoka College), Hareen Nimdinu (Dharmasoka College).

TTASL to Commence Provincial Training Pool