Peiris the Lankan hope in swimming

Lanky Pakistan make 3-1

Lanky Pakistan make 3- 1

The second outing of the Lankan men’s spikers against the lanky and nimble footed Pakistani’s did not go as planned at the Main Games Centre at Dasharath Rangashala Tripureshwor, Kathmandu today. Pakistan beat Sri Lanka at 28-30, 25-18, 25-20 and 25-21.

The Lankan men who had a relatively easy game against Maldives yesterday, were up against an experienced set of workmen who had watched yesterday’s proceedings and were ready to convert their opponents’ follies into winning points. To stress the point, yesterday, the Lankan defense showed some kind of weakness against the Maldivian dashing. There the Pakistani dashers like Nazir an Aimal exploited that weakness to the maximum and most of their points through that ploy.

Lankan on the other hand Sri Lanka worked on a set plan and kept on working on it; in spite of seeming pitfalls. For instance southpaw server Lakshan had a bad day in office, but, the Lankan hierarchy kept their faith in him most of the time.

The initial set was a block buster, were the pendulum stuck both ways with as much as nine service breaks from the first 24-all being worked. Finally the Lankans sneaked in at 30-28. However, from that point onwards it was all Pakistan who set themselves into a proper rhythm.  In the second set Pakistan led at all timeouts just prove their superiority and the pattern continued during the rest of the game.

Still a hope of a medal has not diminished for the Lankans. They will now be slotted against India in their next outing – another stiff proposition.

Lankan women relegated to the bronze

A weak-kneed performance by the Lankan Volleyball women’s team saw them crash to a 3-0 defeat against a marauding Nepal outfit in their semi-final play-out at the same venue in the second match of the evening.

Now they will take on the Maldives once again for the Bronze play-off on Monday while India will take on Nepal in the final of the women’s volleyball on Tuesday.

The fluency that the Lankan spikers projected yesterday was only a faded dream, this evening. They wilted against a better organized side led by their front liner Chaudhari Saraswoti who scored most of the points through well aimed dashes and heady serves. Besides she also was also omnipresent at times swopping places and taking the brunt of the play through the game. 

The final tally of the semi-final clash between Sri Lanka vs Nepal read a woeful 25-14, 25-28 and 25-21.