Yupun, the first South Asian broke the 10-Sec in 100m.

Abeykoon Mudiyansalage Yupun Priyadarshana, known as Yupun Abeykoon, also referred to as Yupun Priyadarshana (born 31 December 1994) is a Sri Lankan track and field athlete and a national record holder in men's 100m, men's 200m and in men's indoor 60m.

On 3 July 2022, he became the first South Asian to break the 10-Second barrier for the men's 100 meters event at the Resisprint International competition, with a timing of 9.96 seconds, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

  • Bronze Medal, at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

  • 1st Asian Athlete to win 100m at Commonwealth Games

  • Fastest Man in the South Asian region – 9.96 seconds

  • All time 167th athlete to run sub 10

  • 1st Person to break the 10 second barrier in South Asia

  • 150m (Bend) Asian Record – 15.16 seconds

  • 200m South Asian Record – 20.37 seconds

  • 2nd best time in Europe in 2022

  • Asian leader in 100m in 2022

  • 4th fastest time in Asia (100m)

  • Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist 2022

  • 1st 100m Anhalt Meeting, Germany 2022 (Renewed South

    Asian Record)

  • 1st 200m Castiglione International Meeting, Italy -

    20.37(+0.1) New South Asian Record

  • World Rank – 22nd | Asian Rank :1st

  • Savona Meeting, Italy 4th place 100m

  • 1st at Nissolino Roma Sprint Festival 2022, Italy (15.37 Sec)

  • Perso Trophy 2002, Italy (New Asian 150m record 15.16


  • Competed at Zurich Diamond League (8th place – 10.25sec)

  • Competed at Firenze Diamond League (4th Place 10.16sec)

  • Competed at Tokyo Olympic 2020 in 2021

  • Sri Lankan Indoor 60m record holder