Sport Administrators Course

Sport Administrators Course

Sport Administrators Course (SAC), is organised by the NOC SL under the auspicious of Olympic Solidarity, forms a key part of the Olympic Solidarity’s management training programmes.

SAC is designed to assist those who work in the Olympic and sport movement throughout the world. The courses center on improving interpersonal relationships, communication between individuals and commitment by many to advancing sport opportunities for people, both young and old.

SAC programme by the NOC SL started in 1989 and the two programmes are included in the NOC SL’s annual calendar. Up to now, approximately 2500 administrators have successfully taken part in the SAC programme.

Objective: To cover the common needs and skills of volunteer administrators or elected executives of an NOC or any sports organisation.

Course Participants: The courses are designed to be relevant to National Olympic Committees and their stakeholders, especially for the volunteer sport administrators, elected executives of the NOC SL and other Sport Organisations.

Courses: The textbook for SAC, ‘Sport Administration Manual’ is designed in the following five disciplines:

  1. The Olympic Background
  2. Values and Issues
  3. Management – Management Skills, Managing the Environment, Management of Resources, Management of Activities
  4. Developing Elite Athletes
  5. Olympic Games Selection and Mission

The course is conducted over four days at the Olympic House. Participants must have a 100 per cent attendance record and fulfill all course requirements in order to be considered to have successfully completed the course.

Entry Qualification:

  1. Active involvement of sport administration in an organisation or affiliated body
  2. Good educational background at least up to G.C.E. Advanced Level
  3. Good command in English
  4. Good sports background
  5. IT literacy

How to Apply: Eligible individuals are requested to apply via online manually on downloaded application. Dates and other details of the course will be notified when the programme is launched.

Selection Process: The successful candidates will be notified through an e-mail.

Course Payment: Course Payment is LKR. 20,000 per candidate and the full amount should be paid to NOC SL before you receive the enrolment certification. For international candidates, the course payment is USD 100.


Sport Administrators Course