National Olympic Academy

National Olympic Academy

The National Olympic Academy (NOA) was initiated in Sri Lanka in 2001 by Mr. Hemasiri Fernando, then President of NOC SL. Since then NOC SL conducts NOA as an annual program which has been organised under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee to disseminate Olympic Values to the youths in Sri Lanka. Also, the NOA program is designed for four-days residential program held in Bandarawela, included Olympic educational sessions, field trip, cultural exchange program and sports activities.

The Vision

Healthy body and healthy mind inculcate Olympic Values in our society and to bring about lasting peace through participation of sports without any barriers in Sri Lanka.

The Mission

  • To function as an Academic Centre for Olympic Studies, Education and Research.
  • To act as a forum for free expression and exchange of ideas among the Olympic Family, intellectuals, scientists, athletes, sport administrators, educators, artists and the youth of the Sri Lanka with South Asian participants.
  • To bring together people from all over the country, in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.
  • To motivate people to use the experiences and knowledge gained in the NOA productively, in promoting the Olympic Ideals in Sri Lanka.
  • To serve and promote the Ideals and principles of the Olympic Movement.
  • To cooperate with and assist the National Institutions, Universities and any other institutions devoted to Olympic Education.
  • To further explore and enhance the contribution of Olympism to humanity.


The role of the Olympic Academy is to assist the NOC SL to propagate ‘Olympism’ through education and expand its functions within the Olympic Charter to reach the objectives of the Olympic Movement. In undertaking this role, the NOA of Sri Lanka seeks to the following objectives.

  • Promote ‘Olympism’ as a philosophy of life
  • Harmonious development of man
  • Enhance the knowledge and understating of Olympism and the Olympic Charter in all activities
  • Peace through sport
  • Universal, non-discriminatory

The participants are selected from National Federations, Universities and other stakeholders such as forces, media and athletes from National Federations. But now the participants’ recruitment is changed from the NOA’s 10th Anniversary. NOC SL expanded its reach to South Asian Region with the South Asian Regional Olympic Committee participants from India, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal. This program is specially designed by the IOC to exchange ideas, knowledge and culture to empower youths in sport and to disseminating the fundamental and educational principles of Olympism. NOC SL has conducted 15 NOA Sessions so far, approximately 1000 youths have participated locally and 75 regional participants from South Asia. From each session a male and a female who performs well gets a chance to participate at the International Olympic Academy (IOA) Program which is annually organised by the IOC in Athens, Greece.


National Olympic Academy