Advanced Sport Management Course

Advanced Sport Management Course

Advanced Sport Management Course

Advanced Sport Management Course (ASMC) is a Professional Diploma Course in Advanced Sport Management. The ASMC is being jointly offered by the Olympic Solidarity and the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka to provide a unique opportunity for Olympic Sport Organizations, including the National Olympic Committee, National Federations, and organizations responsible for the development of Olympic Sport.

Objectives: To offer NOCs the possibility to train the sport administrators of their NOC and its constituents by organising courses on a national level.

Course Participants: The ASMC will allow executive-level volunteers and paid staff at Olympic Sport Organizations to expand their managerial skills while actively contributing to a unique learning community. The participants should be individuals involved at a senior level in the management of their organization or those who have responsibility for managing projects in their organization. By developing and presenting case studies, sharing experiences, and studying the material presented in the text, course participants will learn how to more effectively manage their organizations and ultimately improve Olympic sport as a whole.

The Course is not designed to be a replacement or a substitute for the Basic Sports Administration Course for National Federations. It is essential that participation be fully supported by Senior / Executive Staff of their organization. This is to ensure that the participants have a mandate to apply the course content to their sport organization.

Courses: Advanced courses are based on the supplied text “Managing Olympic Sport Organizations” (MOSO), developed in cooperation with MEMOS (Executive Masters in Sport Organizations Management). MOSO provides the primary content for the learning experience and is the framework for delivery of the courses. The courses are to comprise all six modules in the text, meaning that participants must participate in every module as part of the course requirements. The MOSO consists of,

  1. Organising an Olympic Sport Organisation
  2. Managing Strategically
  3. Managing Human Resources
  4. Managing Finance
  5. Managing Marketing
  6. Organising a Major Sport Event

The course will be conducted over a twelve-month time period in seven sessions consisting of two-day long sessions. Each chapter of the book is composed of five days, which includes three distance-learning days (reading the chapter and completing a small case study) and two in-house days (general presentation and discussion of the chapter on the first day, and presentation of case study on the second day). In total, 14 days will be devoted to in-class work, involving a general presentation and discussion of each chapter and presentation of case studies, and the remaining time will be devoted to distance-learning, which involves reading the MOSO book chapters and completing case studies. In addition, participants will complete an anonymous final internal evaluation questionnaire related to the content, teaching methods and material of the ASMC. The sessions are managed by the Programme Director, who has been qualified by training conducted by Olympic Solidarity, and Course Facilitators, who assist the Programme Director and are responsible for the delivery of the programme.

Upon the receipt of the course report, Olympic Solidarity issues diplomas, ‘Advanced Professional Certificate in the Management of Olympic Sport Organizations’ certified by the International Olympic Committee, for all the participants who have successfully completed the course. Participants must have a 100 per cent attendance and fulfill all course requirements in order to be considered to have successfully completed the course.

Entry Qualification:

  1. Hold a Managerial / Executive position in an organization dealing with sports, physical education leisure and recreation and sport
  2. A good command of the English language
  3. Computer

How to Apply: Eligible individuals are requested to apply via online manually on downloaded application. Dates and other details of the course will be notified when the programme is launched.

Meals: Only meals and refreshments will be provided during the sessions.

Selection process: All applicants are required to attend the full day workshop for the final selection prior to the course. The successful candidates will be notified through e-mail.

Course Payment: Course Payment is LKR. 50,000 per candidate and the full amount should be paid to NOC SL before you receive the course enrolment certification after successful selection process.


Advanced Sport Management Course